In 2010 when twelve years old Jesi was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. It was the beginning of summer vacation and she was ready to have a blast. A three week trip to Australia to visit her Australian family there, lots of laughter and fun hanging out with her twin sister Kari, she was planning to do all the things that an active preteen wants when that last bell goes and the doors burst open and let forth a flood of kids. Schools out and ready to play in the sun.

But very fast she started feeling lousy. Tired, fevers, headaches, all she wanted to do was sleep. She had kicked her toe on a brick while playing at a friends house the very first day of vacation. One, two courses of antibiotics and it seemed to heal, but then the other symptoms set in. After a number of doctor visits and blood tests the call came that she be taken into Childrens Hospital to the ER so she could be seen by a specialist.

That was Saturday July 9, a steamy sweaty afternoon when the sun bore down on flooded roadways between home and the hospital as a sudden downpour punctuated the blazingly bright day.





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  1. Hi Liz, Chuck was visiting us in Bend and told me about your blog. I’m glad to be able to connect with you, so sorry for the reason, I feel for you. My mom has lymphoma which has been put at bay by infusion therapy the last two years, but now it’s not working so she will start chemo this summer; I may go down to San Jose and stay with my mom and dad for awhile to help out. Sounds like your family has been through a lot, I can’t imagine. Sending love your way. Have you read the book, Radical Remission by Kelly A Turner Ph. D? I just started it, an insightful read especially one Jesi might find inspiring. Take Care of yourself dear friend, your writing is glorious and well wrought.

    • newstart4liz says:

      Hi Jennifer, thank you so much for writing and reaching out…it is nice to hear from you. Chuck did mention he had visited you and Bob. I do hope your mom is able to handle the chemo without too many side effects….i am sending good wishes to you all as she goes through it…and strength to you to support both her and your dad. THank you also for the book reference…i have not heard of it but i will look it up, and lastly for your compliments about my writing.. love to you and Bob and your boys 🙂

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