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Holiday Traditions and Memories.

In the spirit world time does not exist. Everything happens simultaneously. The striking of midnight, signifying the changing of the years, is inconsequential. So as I sit here thinking about how with each year passing I move further and further … Continue reading

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Learning to Live a Better Life

I won’t easily forget sitting down to Thanksgiving dinner last week. I walked into the dining room and looked across the table. Beyond the dishes brimmed with vegetables, turkey, cranberry sauce and gravy, all glowing in the flickering light of … Continue reading

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One Less for Thanksgiving…How Jesi Joined The Celebration

“We made it through Thanksgiving then” Kari’s voice trailed into the air. We had just arrived home after visiting friends in New Hampshire where we had celebrated Thanksgiving Dinner. It was after nine pm, later than I anticipated we would … Continue reading

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