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Losing her Over and Over Again

I sit at the traffic light watching the young girl in black stretch pants and sneakers cross the road with her mom. She has hair which almost reaches down to her waist. Some would call it blonde. To me it … Continue reading

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Holiday Traditions and Memories.

In the spirit world time does not exist. Everything happens simultaneously. The striking of midnight, signifying the changing of the years, is inconsequential. So as I sit here thinking about how with each year passing I move further and further … Continue reading

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Christmas Memories, Jesi and the love of Mimi.

Five days before Christmas marked the fourth anniversary of Mimi’s arrival into our family. I still remember as if it was yesterday; the day we rescued her from the Animal Rescue League of Boston. Three weeks prior to signing her … Continue reading

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Trees and Angels and Believing

The day I learnt the Magnificent Redwood Tree in Prouty Garden had been taken to with saws and axes in the first stages of the destruction of the healing space at Childrens Hospital Boston; the place where Jesi, conscious and … Continue reading

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Jesi’s Bed

Dear Reader: This is the first in a series of works I will be posting reflecting back on what it was like to pack up and let go of the last home Kari and I (and Chris before he went … Continue reading

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Mothers and Daughters

Every night before I turn the light out I read. Lately I have been rereading a book which was given to Jesi, a memoir written by Rita Zoey Chin. On the title page Rita has written a special message to … Continue reading

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Six Months after 9/11

My head hurts, my heart hurts, my stomach hurts. I do not know what to do with myself. I had planned the day, but my head and my heart and my stomach do not co-operate. How will it be six … Continue reading

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