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Turning Hallmark Traditions into something Special with Spirit…Lessons from the other side.

I didn’t look up when I spoke. The words sort of tumbled out from I don’t know where. “Why don’t you make him one anyway,” I said. My voice was soft, sort of questioning. “Where would I send it?” she … Continue reading

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Tuning into Jesi

I am lying on a yoga mat listening to the instructor’s voice. She is telling me to breathe into my belly, to feel it expand. I rest my right hand on my chest and feel the swell of it under … Continue reading

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The Opening and Closing of Doors

It’s been two months since I laid my hand, left palm flat against the peeling brown paint of the door, above the lock and took a long slow breath. Then leant my forehead, just above my hair, on the thin … Continue reading

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Boston Marathon for Jesi

I just under a week a dear friend will join thousands of other runners to enjoy and endure the 26.2 miles of pavement from Framingham to Boston that make up the 119th Boston Marathon. Many months back, even before the … Continue reading

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