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Out of the Light of Chaos

This is what I had been waiting for. I am standing in the kitchen my hands wrapped around a mug of coffee. It is early, or it seems so as I am still waking up. I am frustrated that the … Continue reading

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A Twin, Alone on her Birthday…

Imagine being eighteen and dreading your birthday. The dread arrives weeks before your birthday does. It arrives on wings edging its way through your dorm room window, sliding in a crack open against the stuffy heat of the college heating … Continue reading

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Family Weekend for Kari … How Jesi makes her presence felt!

Online registration for Family Weekend at Oberlin College is frustrating. Even the woman on the other end of the phone, an Oberlin employee who I have called for assistance keeps reminding me so, although the knot in the base of … Continue reading

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Tuning into Jesi

I am lying on a yoga mat listening to the instructor’s voice. She is telling me to breathe into my belly, to feel it expand. I rest my right hand on my chest and feel the swell of it under … Continue reading

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Walking in the Light

Six years ago we sat in the lounge room at Alan’s house, the floor scattered with inflated balloons. We were all there; Kari, Chris, Jesi, Alan, the dog sleeping among the debris of paper and streamers and marker pens. Even … Continue reading

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Our Jesi Memorial on 9/11

  For the days leading up to this, the second anniversary of Jesi’s passing, I have felt a wash of emotions. Sitting in yogic pose on the edge of the pond three days ago, I remember the unthinking comment of … Continue reading

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Taking Kari (and Jesi) to College

As the minivan, loaded with boxes and bins crammed full of her clothes and music books and photos, and all the newly purchased dorm supplies lurches out of our street and onto the main road, I suddenly find myself thinking … Continue reading

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Jesi Sends a Frog

The moving guys have gone and I am standing on the steps of Alan’s house in Lexington, the last of the three stops we have made. Most of my possessions are out of the apartment in Arlington. What is left … Continue reading

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Photographs, Memories…Moving Out… But Never Away

When I carry the box down from the attic and dust off the black soot and crumbling asphalt, the old roof which fell in on them when the new one replaced it the summer Jesi went in for transplant, I … Continue reading

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A Happy….Un-Happy Day

“Thursday is Jesi’s birthday,” I say under my breath, my eyes firmly planted on the ground. “I know,” she responds. “And Kari’s” I add, as if she doesn’t know. For a moment there is silence except for the swoosh of … Continue reading

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