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A Message from Jesi.

When I decided to attend the workshop led by world renowned Spiritual Medium James Van Praagh I didn’t know what to expect. I remember sitting in my car on a cold March morning six months after Jesi passed away crying … Continue reading

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Contacting Jesi

I could feel the tears welling up under my lids. It was useless trying to fight them. “But I don’t know who is taking care of her now,” I murmured. “And how do I know she is ok?” It was … Continue reading

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On Dogs and Jesi

I picked my way along the sand digging my toes into its cool smooth grains. They were so fine my feet sunk into them until they reached the layer of firm packed sand below. I looked up to see three … Continue reading

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With Her, Without Her.

The suitcases are bought down from the attic. Alan holds them up asking me which would be best for Kari, which one for Chris? I answer in monosyllables. I do not mention our child who no longer needs a suitcase, … Continue reading

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Jesi Is Gone

For the first two weeks after Jesi passed I held it together. Alan even commented to me the night she passed….how come you’re so strong…. We were standing together at the bottom of the porch stairs under the blackened sky, … Continue reading

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