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Letting go and letting Mimi go to Jesi

Every morning my heart breaks. Every morning I wonder. Will I have to force the medicine in? Too many days of pills hidden in clumps of baby food and she wont eat the beef in beef broth I serve up … Continue reading

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Caring for our Pets from the Spirit Realm.

At seventeen Mimi, the little Shih Tzu that Jesi welcomed into our family on December 20 2012 has lived longer than Jesi ever did. Somehow there seems no justice in this…. yet somehow I believe Jesi has something to do … Continue reading

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A Twin, Alone on her Birthday…

Imagine being eighteen and dreading your birthday. The dread arrives weeks before your birthday does. It arrives on wings edging its way through your dorm room window, sliding in a crack open against the stuffy heat of the college heating … Continue reading

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Our Jesi Memorial on 9/11

  For the days leading up to this, the second anniversary of Jesi’s passing, I have felt a wash of emotions. Sitting in yogic pose on the edge of the pond three days ago, I remember the unthinking comment of … Continue reading

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A Message from Jesi.

When I decided to attend the workshop led by world renowned Spiritual Medium James Van Praagh I didn’t know what to expect. I remember sitting in my car on a cold March morning six months after Jesi passed away crying … Continue reading

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It was a Saturday evening in late September. The year, 2010. Jesi sat in her wheelchair in the family room surrounded by balloons. All the balloons were orange and all were bobbing up and down on the carpet amongst a … Continue reading

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In Gratitude

Thank you all who sent in such heart warming memories and happy memories of Jesi (see post Honor Jesi on 9/11…comments) in so many different aspects of her too-short life. You will never know what joy (and a few tears) … Continue reading

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Guiding Us Home

When I first moved to Boston over fifteen years ago I suffered from Seasonal Affective Disorder. As soon as the leaves started turning yellow and orange and red I would freeze anticipating what was to come. But when Jesi got … Continue reading

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With Her, Without Her.

The suitcases are bought down from the attic. Alan holds them up asking me which would be best for Kari, which one for Chris? I answer in monosyllables. I do not mention our child who no longer needs a suitcase, … Continue reading

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Revisiting Australia with Jesi

The night Jesi’s oncologist called and told me the leukemia had returned my travel bag was sitting on the floor of my apartment. I had already tossed in a few books, some gifts for my family in Australia, summer clothes … Continue reading

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