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The Around and Around of Grief

I’m angry. Its early morning and I open my eyes to a foggy grayness that I sometimes sense inside my head. But not today. Today I wake up instantly alert… and angry. I feel the anger in my ribs as … Continue reading

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A Twin, Alone on her Birthday…

Imagine being eighteen and dreading your birthday. The dread arrives weeks before your birthday does. It arrives on wings edging its way through your dorm room window, sliding in a crack open against the stuffy heat of the college heating … Continue reading

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Taking Kari (and Jesi) to College

As the minivan, loaded with boxes and bins crammed full of her clothes and music books and photos, and all the newly purchased dorm supplies lurches out of our street and onto the main road, I suddenly find myself thinking … Continue reading

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A Happy….Un-Happy Day

“Thursday is Jesi’s birthday,” I say under my breath, my eyes firmly planted on the ground. “I know,” she responds. “And Kari’s” I add, as if she doesn’t know. For a moment there is silence except for the swoosh of … Continue reading

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A Message from Jesi.

When I decided to attend the workshop led by world renowned Spiritual Medium James Van Praagh I didn’t know what to expect. I remember sitting in my car on a cold March morning six months after Jesi passed away crying … Continue reading

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Missing Jesi

In the early days after Jesi left us I looked for her everywhere. I would stare out of airplane windows wondering which cloud she hid behind. I would feel her in a flash of light as a wave crashed on … Continue reading

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Jesi is Everywhere

I have never noticed the faces before but now I see them everywhere. In the sky, in rocks, in glimmering shadows under water… The first time I saw one it appeared in the clouds. I became fascinated by the round … Continue reading

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